NBRIT runs a community college to impart vocational training in three streams. The name of the college is Arka Community College recognised by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open National Univesity)

The certificate courses we offer are in the following subjects:

Besides the certificate courses, we conduct vocational courses in association with local institutions .

The training is relevant for rural youth to acquire skills in local industries.

Solar energy is a focus area where we do lot of work. Arko-IGNOU Community College was set up by NBIRT as a leading CBO of the country in the year 2010. The college has following two campuses:

Arkaneer Campus, Agartala

Arkaneer Campus, Kolkata

The Arkaneer Campus, Kolkata is totally dedicated to Renewable Energy Education and Research. The Campus is introducing one year Renewable Energy Diploma Course (Firstof its kind in the Country) from 11 January, 2012.

The course is approved by the following reputed Institutions:

Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Sunshine Coast TAFE, Queensland Govt. Australia.

IGNOU is the largest Open University in the World with l.8 million (18 lakh) students.

The University offers a wide range of Programmes both short-term and long-term leading to Certificates, Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Degrees and Doctoral Degrees which are conventional as well as innovative. Most of these programmes have been developed after an initial survey of the demand for such

Programmes. They are launched ‘with a view to fulfill the learner’s needs for:

• certification.

• improvement of skills.

• acquisition of professional qualifications.

• continuing education and professional development at work place.

• self-enrichment.

• diversification and updation of knowledge.

Arka-IGNOU Community College is registered under Indira Gandhi National Open University (CNB-7903). The pass out students of Arka Community College will get their academic certificate from IGNOU. The Arka-IGNOU Community College is administered by a Board comprising of Academicians, Govt. representatives and representative from the Industries.

TAFE Queensland, Australia is the largest provider of practical, relevant and quality education and training in Queensland, delivering educational excellence to approximately 240,000 students each year. TAFE Queensland provides more possibilities for more people, through various courses offered at various locations around the world. TAFE Queensland is the largest, most experienced provider of vocational education, training and adult learning in Queensland. TAFE offers an extensive range of education and training programs. TAFE programs are highly focused to enSure, that you learn industry relavent skills to help you get into workplace faster, upgrade existing skills, or prepare for further study.




  1. Dr. S.P. Gon Choudhury, Chairman, ACC
  2. Dr. (Prof.) Kashinath Jena, T.U, Member
  3. Smt. Manju Saha, Member
  4. Sri Mohit Lal Acharjee, Member
  5. Sri Kapil Baran Bhowmik, Member
  6. Sri Bhavani Sankar Debbarman, Member
  7. Director, Higher Education
  8. Deptt.,Govt. of Tripura, Member
  9. Sri Abhijit Gon Choudhury, Member
  10. Sri Samir Saha, Industrialist, Member
  11. Principal-in-charge, ACC, Member


  1. Dr. S.P. Gon Choudhury, Chairman, ACC
  2. Dr. Biplab Jamatia, IGNOU, Member
  3. Dr. (Prof.) S.K. Nag, (MBBC), Member
  4. Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, T.U, Member
  5. Dr. (Prof.) Kashinath Jena, T.U, Member
  6. Dr. (Prof.) Shyamal Das,T.U, Member
  7. BDO, Bishalgarh, Member
  8. Sri Bhavani Sankar Debbarman, Member
  9. Sri Makhan Ch. Das,Member
  10. Sri Monoranjan Datta, Member
  11. Sri Abhijit Datta, Industrialist, Member
  12. Smt. Niyati Rani Das, Gram Pradhan, Member


  1. Dr. S.P. Gon Choudhury, Chairman, ACC
  2. Dr. Kiran Sankar Chakraborty, Regional Director, IGNOU, Agartala, Member
  3. Dr. (Prof.) Kashinath Jena, Tripura University, Member
  4. Dr. (Prof.) Shyamal Das,Tripura University, Member
  5. Principal-in-charge, ACC, Member