Press Meet on “Demonstration of a Solar –Water integrated machine-World’s first Solar Hydro Pump Storage Scheme to be setup at Upper Killing Assam

Storage of Solar Energy is one of the major thrust areas in Energy Storage research which is being conducted by eminent scientists at major Research Institutes and Universities all around the world. As storage of electrical energy in battery is limited by various constraints like battery chemistry, Hazards & disposal issues, energy density, cell degradation, etc., it becomes extremely expensive and techno economically least viable to employ batteries at large scale storage scenarios.Scientists are working on innovative ways to store Energy especially from the solar route. While some scientists are trying to store Solar energy in the form of compressed air in cylinders and releasing it through turbines to generate electrical energy during night (CAES), Some are developing Sodium Based batteries which are cheaper than the popular Lithium based batteries that is used extensively nowadays.Some scientists are even storing Solar energy in flywheels. In India for many years now, A team of scientists from NB Institute for Rural Technology (Arka Renewable Energy College) led by their president, Prof.(Dr.)S.P Gon Chaudhuri are conducting research on storage of Solar energy in the form of water with the help of Professors of Visva-Bharati University.

There are five components in this innovative POC model:

  • Solar Panel
  • Micro Solar Pump
  • Micro Hydel Generator
  • Upper reservoir
  • Lower Reservoir
  • Master Controller

The Function of the components is as follows:


Solar Panel: It converts Photonic Energy from sunlight to Electrical Energy. However the generated Electrical Energy from solar panels is Intermittent in nature and is thus unusable at this state.

Micro Solar Pump:This device helps to pump water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir by the help of the Electrical power provided to it by the solar panel. This special pump can operate directly with the Solar Panels in an erratic fashion. The pump helps in storage of water in a height well above the lower reservoir. This way, the entire volume of water gains a considerable amount of Potential Energy.


Micro-Hydel Generator: The water stored in the upper reservoir flows under pressure through the micro Hydel generator which converts the stored Potential Energy from the water into Stable Electrical Energy.


Master Controller: This device controls the entire system, regulates Electrical power and operates the loads.


Thus by combining Solar Power and Hydel Power a perpetual energy source can be obtained. A working Pico-scale model of this system will be demonstrated in the press meet today.

Prof.GonChaudhuri firmly believes that this innovative technology can revolutionize the concept of Solar energy storage and aid in eradicating energy crisis, the world is facing today. All Hydel plants in the world can observe a significant improvement in energy generation if they can adapt to this technology which is not only environment friendly but also cost effective. Smaller systems can also be installed in houses to power small electrical loads.

DST, GOI has sanctioned an amount of Rupees Two Crores and Sixty lacks in favour of NBIRT and VBU for implementing the pilot scale model of this Project at Upper Killing Village, Assam .NBIRT organised a Press Meet on “Demonstration of a Solar –Water integrated machine” on 8th Nov,2018.Some of the photographs of the Press Conference are attached below :